The journey towards a more sustainable future doesn’t stop when our products leave the warehouse. A large part of the clothes’ environmental impact lies with you as a consumer and what you decide to do with them. Here are a few tips on what you can think about to reduce their environmental impact and behave more sustainably.

Use Generously

You can use your clothes more times than you think before washing them. Maybe try wearing your tights 2-3 times before throwing them in the laundry basket.

A good tip is to air out your clothes after a sweaty workout. Hang them outside for a while and they will feel fresh again.

You can also reduce your clothes’ relative environmental impact by 50% by wearing them twice as much! (source: EEA)

Wash Gently

The washing instructions indicate the warmest temperature you can wash your clothes in but you can always wash them on a colder program. Try washing them at 30˚C if they aren’t badly stained, it’s much better for the environment.

You can also wash your clothes in specially-made washing bags to reduce microplastic pollution that typically stem from synthetic materials when being washed. Check out the GuppyFriend bags for example.

Recycle Appropriately

When you don’t want your ICIW clothes anymore, give them away, try selling them second hand, give them to charity or at least dispose of them in textile recycling bins so they can have a second life!

Make sure to dispose of the plastic bags your clothes come in and hangtags appropriately in plastic and paper bins so they may be recycled as well.

Minimize Returns

Every item you return means an additional trip for the clothes and increased CO2 emissions. So think twice before returning your clothes.

Maybe you have a friend who would appreciate the clothes that didn’t fit you? Or maybe they're the perfect Christmas gift for your sister/brother/parent?

We do our best on our end to minimize return waste. Since 2021 we have saved over 20 000 unsellable returned products by restoring them to their original condition and have therefore been able to sell them again.