Cookie Policy

ICANIWILL uses cookies and similar technologies. Some cookies are necessary to ensure website functionality, some enable us to measure and analyze the website's usability, and some are used to provide relevant marketing ads.

For the best experience, we recommend accepting all types of cookies. However, you can always change and update your settings and preferences on this site.


What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that a browser wishes to store on your device (computer, tablet and/or cell phone). Cookies are used to 'remember' or 'recognize' you and to store your preferences, settings and relevant information when using the website.

Cookies that are time-limited are only stored for a particular amount of time. When this time is up, the cookie is deleted from your browser and then stored again when you revisit the website. Some cookies are not time-limited and will remain on your device until you actively choose to remove them.

Session cookies are not time-limited. This type of cookie is stored temporarily on your device and is automatically deleted when you close your browser.

What cookies do we use?

The ICANIWILL web platform uses cookies to enable the basic functionality of the website. This includes login, checkout, and the shopping cart. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information and cannot be switched off.

Cookies used in advertising and marketing. Through third-party companies, these cookies enable us to offer you products, prices and offers that we believe to be relevant for you, even when you visit other websites. Without these cookies, the ads you receive when visiting other websites will not be personalized to the same degree.

Analysis & Statistics
Cookies to measure the user experience and to ensure that the website is functioning and optimized. For example, we gauge how many people use our website and from what devices, to offer the best possible experience.

Cookies that contribute to enhancing website performance, e.g. faster load times. By consenting to these cookies, the website will remember your visit and we will be able to monitor and optimize site performance. All information generated by these cookies is general and anonymous.

Cookie settings in your browser
You can always change your settings directly from your browser and delete cookies stored on your device.

If you have blocked cookies in your browser, the functionality and performance of our website cannot be guaranteed since certain functions require cookies. Blocking cookies can therefore cause the website to not function as it should.

For information regarding cookie settings in some of the most common browsers, see:

Google Chrome
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Apple Safari

This page was last updated: 03/15/2021. This policy is subject to future change.