Welcome to ICANIWILL Stories, or as we often say nowadays, ICIW Stories.
My name is Gustaf and Im the founder of the company. As long as I can remember I've dreamt of how I want to live my life. ICIW is created to connect with the people who truly believe in the opportunity to create the life they want to live. 
Post economic studies I found myself working for a super good company that I liked a lot but I didn't love what I was doing. This insight struck me a summer day and the only way out of the situation was making a big decision to quit the job that generated 100 percent of my income and start over from zero. 
Creating a company that in the long term would enable my life goals instead of pushing it further away was not easy and it has brought me tons of sleepless night but looking back at it, it was the best decision I've made in my life. 
ICIW is on a journey, a journey that Im happy to be a part of as Founder and CEO. Our deepest belief is that if we do what we love, and show it to our followers, we will inspire more people out there to go for it, to take some chances and make the tough decision to work for their goals and dreams. It doesn't matter if its a workout related goal, a career change, a life goal or relation goal, as long as it make the spark go off inside of you, we want to be a part for it. 5 years ago I knew nothing about the clothing industry or manufacturing. Today I know a hell of a lot more but I'm still eager to know more and keep developing our assortment. The main idea with ICIW Stories is to show off our products in it's finest of environment, worn by people who took the chance to go for it. A platform for stories to come alive and bring inspiration to others. 
Welcome to ICIW Stories 
All the best 
Gustaf and the ICIW-Family 
Black/ Golden - Limidted Edition
When I first started the company I was obsessed with Limited editions. My main idea was to sell products with handprinted numbers on all garments with a individual letter from me to the customer. That worked during the first couple of products but I quickly realized it would be a huge bottleneck for growth. With that said we still tried to keep it personal and some collections are truly limited. 
The Black Golden Collection is a tribute to the roots and is Limited to 100 pcs with a unique number in every garment. You'll find the number on the inside of each garment 1/100 etc. 
The golden meaning in life?
Gold. We think that every person needs a bit of gold in their life. This Black Golden collections is based on the same idea as the brand name ICANIWILL. You can either think its cheesy and just a name, or you can digg deep inside yourself and related the brand with your journey. Have you reached a milestone, have you gotten half way to your goal? Give yourself a golden-(medal)garment and celebrate your sub target / milestone. 
We choose to believe that every garment with the limited golden prints will add a bit of spark and determination to your life when the hard times come, because they will, you can look at the prints and keep pushing forward. 
The Limited Black Golden Collection is made out of
100 pcs of Hoodies 
100 pcs of Joggers / Pants with golden embroidery 
100 pcs of Tri-blend t-shirts
100 pcs of Perform Short Shorts 
Release date is 3rd of August and its now or never. 


We at ICANIWILL promote a certain lifestyle and therefor we like to work with people who share that lifestyle. This time we team up with a lovely crew of individuals who travel the world as a lifestyle. The beautiful place in Northern Norway called Lofoten was the destination of this travel adventure. Surfing, Yoga and hiking and what better place to shoot smashing new products for ICIW? ICIW Stories is a way for us to share our and other adventures and goals. Stay tuned for more amazing material and until then, check out the pictures and videos below. We bring you, ICIW Lifestyle in Lofoten