Two day split workout program - ICIW

Two day split workout program - ICIW

We don’t only want to give people the best conditions in the shape of clothes when they workout, we also want to give the best conditions in the shape of execution of a great workout!

ICIW’s founder Gustaf Ollas has produced a 2-day split workout program for the person who trains 2 days per week and wants to split their focus during each workout. During Gustaf's first two years as self-employed he also worked as a personal trainer and Gustaf has over 10 years of experience within strength training.


- Do the following program for 3 weeks.
- Write down the weights you are using for each workout.
- Make sure you warm up before each workout and stretch afterward.

5x15 = 5 set times 15 repetitions.

SS = Superset = Do 1 set on the first exercise and then directly 1 set on the second, then rest the time that is stated.

60 seconds rest between sets

  1. Barbell bench press
  2. Chins or lat pulldown
  3. Standing military press
  4. Bicep curls SS skull crushers
  5. Seated row SS face pulls
  6. Lateral raises SS flyes with dumbbells (on a bench)

60 seconds rest between sets

  1. Squats
  2. Leg press
  3. Romanian deadlifts
  4. Leg extensions SS leg curls
  5. Calf raises SS sissy squats
To download the program as a file, click here!

Practice the technique! 

Using the right technique when working out is very important. If you don’t use the right technique you can injure yourself. Always start with lower weights to master the technique with good form and then gradually increase the weights, ask your local PT if you feel unsure.

Short rest!

A big structure of the program is the short rest time, make sure you are maintaining the time and use your phone’s stopwatch to help you keep track!

Muscle fatigue through volume!

The structure of the program gives muscle fatigue through high volume. Make sure you are following the guidelines to maximize your workout!

Go hard and feel free to comment on your thoughts about the program below!

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