Ung Cancer

Ung Cancer

At ICANIWILL we stive to always do things that we feel are important and meaningful. What feels important and meaningful always change of course and can vary widely. It could be changing the design of a certain piece to fit differnet body types, adding new colors that our customers have been asking for or doing something fun for everybody at the office. But there is one thing we do that feels a little extra important, and that we are a little extra proud of.  That of course is our collaboration with Ung Cancer (Swedish for young cancer).


Ung Cancer is a Swedish organization for young adults living with, or close to cancer. At Ung Cancer people affected by cancer come together to share experiences, pain, struggles, fears, happiness and success together. It’s a community created with the goal that no one should have to go through cancer alone, patient or relative.


A part of our collaboration with Ung Cancer is the unique Ung Cancer-collection that we release every year. The collection, with it’s clear “fuck cancer”-message, is meant to spread awareness, support and strength for young cancer patients and their relatives. For every piece sold, we donate a fair amount of money to Ung Cancer to support their important work. We are extremely proud and honored to make this collection together with Ung Cancer.


Our previous collections with Ung Cancer have been extremely popular and thanks to you guys our Ung Cancer-collections have given almost 240,000 SEK (≈24,000€) to Ung Cancer so far!! We think that’s pretty amazing.

Good news are that we have a brand new collection coming up and we are happy to collaborate with Ung Cancer for yet another year.


If you want to know more about Ung Cancer or know someone who could use their help, please visit their website at

Thank you all for supporting Ung Cancer by buying and wearing our fuck cancer collection. Together we are changing people’s lives.


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Ung Cancer Tights Black Wmn
Ung Cancer Tights Black Wmn
Ung Cancer Sports Bra Black
Ung Cancer Sports Bra Black

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