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Meet the Team - Rebecca Ekdahl

Meet the Team - Rebecca Ekdahl

We are slowly but surely making our way through the different departments here at ICANIWILL and this weeks Meet the Team is from the Influencer Marketing department!

Meet Rebecca Ekdahl, one of our awesome Influencer Marketing Coordinators! Rebecca works mainly on the Swedish market where she coordinates and plans our Influencer Marketing and ambassador collaborations. She is the brain behind our Swedish collabs and other publicity on social media. Rebecca describes ICANIWILL as a family-like environment where everybody shares goals and visions and says she really appreciates the strong team atmosphere at the office. Rebecca has a background as a football (soccer) player and apart from her daily workouts, she tries to squeeze in some material arts every now and then. Saying she lives an active lifestyle is no exaggeration.




What have you done today at work?

Today has been a very typical “normal” workday for me. I have coordinated upcoming collabs and mapped out what is coming up in the near future. We are currently focusing on spreading our tag line “Our goal is to see you succeed” with help from our ambassadors and influencer marketing.


What’s your top 3?

My family and friends, working out and spending time at our country house in the archipelago.


Favorite piece from ICANIWILL?

I genuinely love all our pieces and I am so happy to work with a brand that I can proudly represent! My favorite pieces right now are the Nimble tights, Define sports bra and Define crop tops. And don’t forget about our underwear and socks! WOW!


Who at the office would you bring to a deserted island any why?

I would bring two people if I could grab an extra. Firstly, I would bring our Influencer Marketing Manager Moa Lindmark, she is a great friend of mine and a great problem solver. Secondly, I would bring our founder Gustaf. He is one of the strongest, but also kindest, people I know.


Cardio or lifting?

I believe a combination of both is the best kind of training!


What do we not know about you

I love donuts!!!

Products mentioned

Nimble Tights Black Wmn
Nimble Tights Black Wmn
Define Seamless Sports Bra Black
Define Seamless Sports Bra Black

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