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Meet the Team - Frida Arvidsson

Meet the Team - Frida Arvidsson

Meet Frida Arvidsson, our E-commerce Manager at ICIW! Frida manages our website, integrations and customer service, along with continuous development of new functions and design. She points out though, that she is not doing all of this by herself but together with her amazing colleagues! #teamwork

Frida started at ICIW two years ago as an intern and has been here since, or how she puts it: “after that I was stuck!”. She says the best part about working at ICANIWILL is that there are always new things happening. No day is the other one alike, and everybody’s working in a quick pace towards a common goal. “We’re all a big family, ICIW is an including workplace and we have FUN working together. I must say, though, that one of the most amazing parts about being a part of this company, is the journey we’ve made together."

Keep reading below to know more about Frida!

What have you done today at work?

Today I’ve been planning a bit for Q1 2021 together with my colleagues and our platform provider. We are currently focusing on finishing smaller projects before the new year.


What’s your top 3?

Hanging out with my family, cooking & baking, laughing with my friends (a lot!).


Favorite piece from ICANIWILL?

Hard one, I’ve got two actually. Queen Mesh Tights Graphite and Ultimate Training Zip Hoodie. If I have to choose only one, right now I would say the Ultimate Hoodie because of the grey weather we’re experiencing in Sweden right now.


Who at the office would you bring to a deserted island any why?

I would probably bring Elin Sombeck, our Purchasing Manager, since she’s down to earth, logically thinking and we’ve had great talks when taking long morning walks to the office.


Cardio or lifting?

Usually I would say lifting, but now during the pandemic I’d have to say cardio (need my walks in the fresh air!).


What do we not know about you?

I used to dance a lot of hip hop when I was younger, so when I hear old school hip hop music I often dream back to the dance studio. I listen to a lot of different music genres today, but I guess songs like “They Reminisce Over You” by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth have a special place in my heart.

Products mentioned

Queen Mesh Tights Graphite Melange Wmn
Queen Mesh Tights Graphite Melange Wmn

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